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Judy Harkin

My name is Judy Hardin Harkin and I am very honored and pleased to be selected as the Journey Home Consultant for Clan Donnachaidh.

I’m sure that all of you dream of going to Scotland. A highlight of such a journey would be attending an Annual General Meeting. And what an absolutely wonderful experience an AGM is!!! Meeting the Chief and his family, getting to know fellow clansmen from around the world, all these become vivid memories that you will cherish the rest of your days.

But where do you start the planning process? What kind of lodging is available? Where’s a good place to eat? What sites are “must dos”’? Can I get around using public transport or should I rent a car? Are there places off the beaten track that aren’t mentioned in the travel brochures but which will add to my understanding of our heritage? I have time to visit more than just the clan lands, what else should be on my list of places to see? And the list goes on….

Clan members who have attended AGMs will be helping me to answer these questions and more. We have all had the joy of being in Scotland and want to share the knowledge we’ve gained. Christy has brought back brochures from Pitlochry and other areas of interest in Perthshire. There are a multitude of Internet sites that will prove helpful – and addictive!!!! As Journey Home Consultant I will share this wealth of information with the Branch leaders, and with you as individuals.

I’m not a travel agent — I won’t be making reservations, etc. – I’m just someone who loves Scotland, the Clan, and who wants to help you make the most of your visit to this ancient and majestic land.

I was born and raised in Missouri, moving to New Bern, North Carolina in 1992. I am a Donnachaidh by marriage thanks to my husband Duncan. We have been members of the Clan Society in Scotland since 2000 and joined Donnachaidh of the Carolinas in 2002. I have served as Membership Chair/Secretary of the Carolinas branch for the past year. I find the history and culture of Scotland fascinating — especially the part that Clan Donnachaidh has played. We as a clan have much to be proud of.

On Duncan’s and my first visit to Scotland, we chose a central location with the idea of taking day trips. We were surprised and delighted to find that we were staying in the heart of clan country!!! What a memorable week we had. Three more trips to Scotland followed, two of them planned around the date of the clan’s AGM. Perthshire is absolutely beautiful, and no matter where else we visit while in Scotland, our hearts always draw us back to clan country.

As the Journey Home Consultant, I look forward to helping YOU discover this ancient and wondrous land.

Best Regards,
Judy Harkin

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