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for some fun, interesting
and educational sites:






North County Scots
San Diego, California


































Want to know more about Scottish Gaelic?

Launched in August 2003, SaveGaelic.org is a living
project that has been set up to help preserve what is left of the
Scottish Gaelic language and to promote its use where possible.
By visiting the link below and getting involved,
we can help this beautiful language survive.



Ever wonder about the definition, or history of the
Celts, Druids, Pict's, or the Gaelic language?

Click on the links below for an educational experience!




Celt Culture

Celt History

Gaelic Language




More Great sites with
Information about Scotland


The Official Site of Scotland’s
National Tourism Board

Scotland Office

The Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Genealogy Society

Am Baile The Gaelic Village