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I'm a 40 year old married woman of American Indian and Caucasian descent. My husband is Scot McConnaughay who is a Scot... :) lol We live in Vista, CA and are members of Clan Donnachaidh. We love attending and participating in our clans activities and all the festivals that come our way.

Welcome New Members!!!

Our Branch has a long history of celebration of life and our history.  Where did we come from, how did our ancestors live.  Come join us in finding out and enjoying life together.  We start off by bringing new members in with a potluck, and making them a part of our family.  Then we continue with active continued involvement.  We provide multiple Scottish activities throughout the year, and encourage our members to attend our Scottish festivals in So Cal, where we set up a booth, providing members with a chance to meet other Scot’s!!  Come join us soon!!!  We welcome all!!!